While this past year has had its share of ups and downs, reflecting on 2013-2014 so far has mostly felt ok. I had a flare of my disease for about seven weeks in November and December, but thankfully I was able to stay out of the hospital. This year I have accomplished a lot and grown as a person. I have graduated high school and I am excited to be able to work at Lanakila for the summer. This past school year, I have balanced treatments, a brutal chemistry course, and even have gotten healthier. While the road has been longer than anticipated, I have made it through high school in five years despite missing the entire 2011-2012 school year. While I have a rare and strange disease, I am not letting it dictate my life. I feel like I have learned to deal with adversity and how to manage challenges I face. Currently, I feel like I have a better understanding and acceptance of my illness than ever before. Thanks to the support from family, friends and others I have managed to achieve my goal of graduating. While some times the burden feels heavy, I know that I can fight back against the disease. Without refusing to take no for an answer and never giving up, I feel proud to be able to write this post today.