The good news is that Sasha was accepted at UNC Chapel Hill for college – his “dream school.”

The bad news is that at the end of June, after 18 months without serious problems, Sasha began to have some encephalitis symptoms. He had taken 2 days of summer classes at UNC, was making plans for moving on campus, and his life seemed pretty hopeful. It is now August, and Sasha has been stuck at home, sick, the entire summer. He did not have the kind of acute attack that lands him in the hospital – but neither does he yet have the cognitive focus to do homework, attend classes, etc.

The final freshman orientation period for UNC is in two weeks – he has already rescheduled twice, and time is running out to be able to begin college this Fall. A painful reality, although we have not given up hope. He has received three rounds of Cytoxan and multiple ivig treatments this summer, and as of August 2 is as well as he’s been since June – but not 100%.

I remind him that UNC has been around since 1789, so it will certainly still be there if he needs to start in January 2016. But you are only 20 once, and the weeks seem very long.